Welcome to Mindset for Success.

I provide performance coaching for sport, business and life. If you want to improve your mindset and manage your state effectively to reach your goals, whatever they may be, Mindset for Success can help you.


I provide sports performance coaching for professional and amateur athletes, both at home and at competition to enhance performance to improve results. NLP and Sport Psychology are regularly used in a variety of sports by professionals and amateurs. Give yourself every opportunity to enhance your performance. Improve your mindset and manage your state effectively to improve results. Pre-performance routines can be used to ensure you are in the most effective state to perform at 100%.  Why leave it to chance? Preparation is key; you prepare yourself physically, but what about preparing your mind?


The main focus of my work is in the equestrian field.

Professional Riders

One to One sessions for pre-season preparation & planning, goal setting, overcoming limiting beliefs, how to operate at 100%, Relaxation techniques, pre-performance routines, removing mental blocks, building a positive mindset to get you to where you want to be.

Competition Nerves

Are competition nerves getting in the way of you competing to the best of your ability? Having the correct mindset for each phase of a competition can dramatically improve results. 

Give yourself every tool you need to overcome your nerves and start enjoying competing on your horse.

Nervous Riders

Do nerves ruin your enjoyment of your horse?  No problem is too small or large to overcome. Be empowered with techniques to enable you to feel confident to enjoy your horse.

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